The Call of the Loon

A sound recording too good not to share:

“One’s introduction to the Loon is likely to be through the medium of its voice, and it may seem to be the incarnation of the spirit of the wilderness-waters, for its abiding-places are in the solitude of lakes rimmed with dark forests, and distant blue hills, or on the broad bosom of the tossing sea. Like the spirits of old legends, it seems to never sleep, but to be ranging these realms both day and night, sending abroad its wild, loud notes at all hours.” — Arthur H. Norton, The LoonBird-Lore, Vol. XVII, No.1, Jan-Feb 1915

And one more, for good measure:

“As soon as the lake ice melted, we heard the lonely cry of the loon, one of the wildest and most striking of all the wilderness sounds, a strange, sad, mournful, unearthly cry, half laughing, half wailing…” — John Muir, The Story of my Boyhood and Youth 


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