Creative Mapmaking Workshop

UofM’s “Art and Environment” student group hosted a creative mapmaking workshop today, led by artist Leslie Sobel.

Artists, scientists, geographers have all used maps to capture ideas about a place for centuries.  A map can be combined with drawings of plants, animals, concepts and words to express all sorts of ideas and emotions. Artist Leslie Sobel, the first artist whose work was shown in the Enviro Art Gallery in the Dana Commons, has done a number of big collaborative maps where participants captured memories of special places, images of invasive species and history of their homes.  For this workshop we’ll use simple maps of the Ann Arbor area to explore creative map-making and journaling as everything from memory mapping that tells a story to more basic informational maps.  Students can drop in and join for as little as 45 minutes to several hours as their schedule permit to play with art and mapping materials.

Leslie brought a lot of creative materials for students to make their maps. Most students stayed for several hours — creating maps that not only creatively depicted spatial areas, but told stories.

Below are some photos from the event.



mapmaking-workshop-2 mapmaking-workshop-3 mapmaking-workshop-4 mapmaking-workshop-5 mapmaking-workshop-6 mapmaking-workshop-7 mapmaking-workshop-8 mapmaking-workshop-9 mapmaking-workshop-10 mapmaking-workshop-11 mapmaking-workshop-12 mapmaking-workshop-13 mapmaking-workshop-14 mapmaking-workshop-15 mapmaking-workshop-16 mapmaking-workshop-17 mapmaking-workshop-18 mapmaking-workshop-19 mapmaking-workshop-20 mapmaking-workshop-21 mapmaking-workshop-22 mapmaking-workshop-23 mapmaking-workshop-24 mapmaking-workshop-25 mapmaking-workshop-26 mapmaking-workshop-27

Of course, my map was about birds (showing migratoryflyways) — my favorite part was using the press-on lettering:

mapmaking-workshop-28 migration

Check out Leslie Sobel’s wonderful portfolio here!

For more about mapmaking and storytelling with kids, check out this post on NaturEd.


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