Making Way for Ducklings on Connecticut Avenue

My friend Kelly and I were driving home from work today when all of a sudden I stop, turn cold, and blink a few times because I couldn’t believe my eyes.

That, right there — was that actually happening? Could it be…?

A policeman was escorting a mallard hen and her ducklings across Connecticut Avenue by Woodley Road NW, right by the National Zoo in Washington D.C. (38.925283,-77.052356), earlier today.

Before today, this seemed like one of those things that seems to only happen in story books (kind of like true love).

Close up:

Looks like it happened back in March, too, over at the White House — those ones got escorted by the Secret Service:

Kind of relevant to one thing I’ve been thinking about lately — if I had to get a tattoo, what would I get? Thinking about myself, and how my current love of birds is only a matured form of my childhood affection for ducks, the 1941 book, Make Way for Ducklings (which earned the Caldecott Medal in 1942 for its brilliant and sweet illustrations) has always been pretty near and dear to my heart… as such, I would probably lift an illustration from that book. (Not that I actually would get a tattoo — just fun to think about…)

For some reason, I’ve always loved this picture (featured on a 2-page spread) — the way each duckling’s personality is denoted so distinctly and yet so simply is something that I just love:

I always liked the one looking at the bug.

This one would be another contender — a little duckling who has the whole world ahead of him!

Part of me wants to think that seeing ducklings cross the road was a sign that I should get some duckling ink… but since the universe doesn’t work that way, and since I’m currently okay without any tattoos or piercings (not to mention too poor), I remain content with dreaming.


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