April Walk

A handful of spring treasures — some wildflowers, some birds, and a butterfly — from this week’s walk in the University of Michigan – Dearborn natural area:

Wild Geranium – The most recent to open her petals!

Another photo.

Virginia Bluebells – Another lovely spring ephemeral; grows in pretty clusters.

Red Admiral Butterfly – A large influx of them this week; warm temperatures down south allowed many more than usual to survive, reproduce, and migrate back here; hundreds of thousands being reported this year.

Yellow-rumped Warbler – A neotropical migrant bird, returning from a long journey. You may find many traveling through an area at once.

White-throated Sparrow – One of the most recognizable songs! I remember the first time I heard one sing — it was in the middle of the night in midtown Detroit a few years ago. Although they don’t usually sing at night, rumor says that they sing when the moon is full.  You can sometimes hear them migrating at night.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet – A cute and perky little bird! They are truly little, weighing only 5 to 10 grams — the mass of one or two U.S. nickels!

Another photo. The ruby-crown looks very similar to its cousin, the golden-crowned kinglet, but lacks the dark eye stripe.

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
―Rainier Marie Wilke



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