The Spring Day

Hurrah, boys! hurrah! for old Winter has fled;
The slayer of thousands himself is now dead;
Spring came, like an angel, and breathed on our coast;
The tyrant immediate gave up the ghost.
The flowers are peeping with half open eyes;
The sunshine is waking the slumbering flies;
The swallow is out on the wandering wing,
And blithely the birds in the cedar tree sing;
The butterfly tries its new wings in the beam,
And spotted fish leap in the silvery stream;
All nature rejoices, boys, why should not we?
Hurrah for the sunshine upon the green tree!

Hurrah for the woods ! they are leafy and green,
Except where the flame of the red bud is seen;
The spring-beauty spangles the moss covered ground
And vi’lets and crowfoots are smiling all round;
The breath of the soft wind is fragrant with flowers,
And beauty is weaving her green summer bowers;
Then out let us go, where the bright waters gleam,
Asleep on their bosom the shady trees seem,
The sunbeams keep watch as they peep through the leaves,
And Spring for the joys of the past never grieves;
All nature is gladsome, rejoicing and gay,
Hurrah, boys! hurrah! for the sunny Spring Day.

William Denton, Poems for Reformers


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