Belle Isle Herons

Went to Belle Isle this morning — mostly for running off my dog’s energy and catching some December sunshine. There wasn’t a lot of noticeable bird activity other than lots of ducks and geese in the river and two Great Blue Herons fishing on the shore of one of the little inland ponds.

Some of the ducks — there were a few dozen Canvasbacks for sure, could have been some other mixed in there too:

A few of Roxie, my 4-year-old cattle dog companion, for good measure:

Oh — below are two stray dogs we saw on the way home (around Bagley and Trumbull — after coming back from Mexicantown). Poor things. I pulled over to see if they had collars on, but neither one did. They stopped and looked (eagerly? curiously?) at me when they saw me pull the car over, so they didn’t seem completely feral… Unfortunately, Roxie barked at them, and they went on their way. What a brat!

Should I report them to the no-kill group, Detroit Dog Rescue? I’ll probably send them a message and a photo with a note of the circumstances and location. The dogs didn’t look in too bad shape. In fact, one of them (the big, beige one) looked rather fat…

Okay, that’s it for today… time to get back to drafting personal statements (or at least reading about how to write them) for graduate school apps…


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