UMD Campus Beehives: September Check-up

Exaggerated illustration of life inside a beehive from LIFE Magazine, August 11, 1952

My friend/co-worker Kristin has been raising a hive behind the UMD Organic Garden that we checked up on yesterday — the goal was to see how progress is going and to get an idea of what she’ll have to do to prepare for winter. Activity is definitely winding down as the weather cools. Here are just a few photos from the day.

Smoking the entrance…

Kristin prying open the outer and inner covers of her hive.

(The beehive in the background is the one we harvested honey from a few weeks ago — it yielded about 50 pounds of honey as well some beeswax we plan to make into balm.)

They are making progress — starting to build on a new frame…

One of the honeybees on Kristin’s glove.

Checking on the rest of the hive, too (peeking into the brood chambers… notice that the brood chamber  boxes are deeper than the shallow box she is holding… the shallow box, called a shallow honey super, is where the honey frames are kept).

Kristin with some of her beautiful bees!

Good luck to her and the hive!


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