September Nature Walk

A taste of late summer.

From the natural area at the University of Michigan – Dearborn:

Orchard Trail

Bee on Wingstem flower

Pearl Crescent Butterfly with bees on a Wingstem flower

Frog tadpole and fish fry in Fairlane Lake

American Bullfrog in Fairlane Lake

Ripening Wild Rose Hips (… possibly “harvestable” for Rose Hip Tea?)

Damselfly (ID?)

A spider, her shadow, and her web (ID?)

Dragonfly on brown leaves (ID?)

Bees galore — they love the bright, yellow Wingstem flowers, which grow in abundance along the trails.

A vividly-colored Meadowhawk dragonfly on a burr by Rose Garden Pond

A bird peeks out from the leaves… could not tell what it was — Nashville Warbler? Female Redstart?

Mysterious, red berries (?) growing on some kind of stalk out of the forest floor.

That is all for now — cheers to the oncoming fall!


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