June Nature Walk

Some photos from this week:

Garter Snake

Saw this while on a walk with my friend and roommate Jon — spotted on the stone steps of the upper pools of the Rose Garden.

Leconte’s Haploa Moth

A black and white, triangular moth sitting on the leaf of a Virginia Creeper; seen during a Insects & Pollination walk through the natural area; we were lucky to have a group of 3rd graders with us when we saw it. It was one of the neatest (and most triangular) bugs any of us had ever seen. It did not stir, even as we all gathered around.

15-spotted Lady Beetle

A gray ladybug! A mostly arboreal (tree-dwelling) species; found on the leaf of a Foxglove Beardtongue in the rain garden. Spotted by one of the 3rd graders and ID’d by Julie Craves.

American Toadlet

A little American Toad tadpole that has sprouted its legs and arms. Hundreds emerging from the pond right now. A delight to see up close. We have been doing our pond programs on the side opposite of where they are emerging.

Black Swallowtail (?) caterpillar

A black, orange and white caterpillar on a Golden Alexander in front of the EIC. Early instar (stage of larval development). Some say that this caterpillar resembles a bird dropping. Note the white band around the middle; the fleshy, black protrusions and orange warts will become more prominent as it grows. Another photo here with its osmeterium sticking out!

Zoomed in picture:

Last but not least:

Waterlily from Rose Garden Pond

Beautiful waterlilies, a beautiful and essential part of the Rose Garden Pond experience.



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