Vintage Habitat Illustrations by Walter Linsenmaier (featured in LIFE Magazine, November 1954)

While on my quest  to find out more about swallowtail butterflies, I came across this great feature on habitats from a 1954 issue of Life with illustrations that are to die for. The artwork was done by Swiss artist Walter Linsenmaier,  is really a treat — lots of  familiar faces here, rendered beautifully (check out his website for more art — you might need to translate it if you don’t speak German). The style and subject remind me a little of the work of Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen, renowned for his Michigan habitat posters and book illustrations.

I screen-capped and uploaded each image here for your convenience — click each for the larger version.  (You really should… the pictures are gorgeous.)

How many creatures can you identify in each picture without looking at the caption?

This may be the first of many posts featuring treasures like this from old magazines, many of which are now free for browsing on google books.


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