Congo soldiers explain why they rape

Clip from The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo  (trigger warning) that made me just stop and remember what war, poverty, and superstitious thinking can do to people. This is why irrational beliefs should be confronted in peace times so that superstitious thinking (like what can be watched in the video) has less of a chance of rearing its ugly head during times of war.

“We were just abiding by the conditions of our magic potion. We had to rape women in order to make it work, and beat the enemy.”

“Well, those women were not taken by force. The thing is they were in a combat zone where most of the fighters rely on magic power. That magic potion worked in such a way that you’ve got to rape women in order to overcome the enemies who’ve invaded our country by force. That is why all those things have happened.”

“If I knew that [my sister or mother were] raped for a good cause, I wouldn’t do anything because I know it’s for the sake of helping the Congo.”

Via Reddit


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