Run, Spot, Run

Since this blog is about a girl and her dog, I thought I would write a little about the dog.

I took Roxie biking with me yesterday – I biked, she ran alongside (on leash).  Okay, so we didn’t ride for more than 10 minutes (and at a modest pace — I don’t want to give her a heart attack or something)… but boy, did she amaze me with her stamina and endurance. She kept up the whole time, with her tongue hanging out, looking happy as a clam. When we got home, she took the biggest drink I’ve ever seen her take, and plop down on the cool wood floor. What an accomplishment it is, to tire out a cattle dog…

Here is what she is like at the end of our ride:

Since our ride, I have been thinking about what a challenge it must be: riding a bike… with a dog… in the city… *safely*.  Finding a safe street is one issue (little or no traffic; few pedestrians clogging the sidewalk); figuring out how to safely hold the leash while you ride is another. She runs parallel with me for the most part, so I just hold it with my hand; I can usually hold her by me if she tries to stray (ie: going after a squirrel), but the set-up feels jerry-rigged.

I know there are contraptions like this one that make it easier to bike with your dog – and hopefully, I’ll be able to try one of those one day (or something that will let me safely ride with my girl).

The BEST scenario would be riding on a bike trail and having her trot along off-leash. I wonder if Detroit’s Dequindre Cut might be a safe place to do this at. Having her run on grass would have the added benefit of saving her foot pads from shredding or blistering.

Oh, the joys of living in the city!


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