Irish Oatmeal

Irish Oatmeal

Yesterday was the first time cooking with steel-cut oats (also called Irish oats, pinhead oats, or porridge oats). Unlike most oatmeal made with flattened/rolled oats, steel-cut oats are oats that have been machine-cut into small bits. Steel-cut oats seem to be more expensive and have a much longer cooking time, but you get a chewier, denser, nuttier kind of oatmeal that fills you up that rolled oats can’t. I love oatmeal (and just like Bert from sesame street, I like pigeons, too) so was excited to try something a little different.

Irish Oatmeal with Buttermilk and Brown Sugar

4 C. Water

1 C. Steel-cut oats

Optional: Brown Sugar, Buttermilk

Boil 4 cups of water on the stovetop; mix in steel-cut oats and let simmer on low heat for 30 minutes.  Right towards the end, gently fold a little bit of buttermilk and brown sugar in… Turn off heat and wait for it to thicken and cool. Looks and feels like a porridge (or grits).

It stores well in the fridge; but overnight, the oats absorbed even more of the liquid, so I added a bit more buttermilk to smooth it out. Went great with black coffee.

Because of the chewier texture of steel-cut oats, I bet they would taste fantastic with apples and cinnamon – sounds like the perfect breakfast for brisk, winter mornings.

Bon appetit!


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