Craft: Bjork’s “Swan Dress” Costume

Made for self, Halloween 2008

Check the craftster thread here for more details.


6 thoughts on “Craft: Bjork’s “Swan Dress” Costume

  1. Hi Liz! Yes, actually, I am. It’s for sale on Etsy right now; I am asking $350 on that site (which is a lot – but previous Bjork dresses have sold for about that much), but honestly, nobody will pay that much until Halloween, and people get desperate for a cool costume…. So, I am willing to negotiate. It’s about $100 worth of materials, 10 hours of labor, and about four car trips to the fabric store. I need some extra money anyways, for a vacation I am taking in the summer! Just let me know! It’s just taking up space in my apartment, anyway!

  2. Will you be making another one?? Could you pleeeease make another one. And if you do, would there be the option of renting it as well as buying?


  3. Hi Wanda! I could make another one for $250. The logistics in renting would be too much for me to deal with right now. I can only sell. If you are interested in having me make you another one, e-mail me at the address above. It would take 2 weeks. Thanks!

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